Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tweet poet

I never meant to write so much poetry on this blog but somehow it keeps on coming.  I do realize that it is unavoidably how I think and process the world and that most people don't have the time and patience to read poetry unless it's shorter than 20 lines.  When I joined Facebook (did you know I have a page for this blog?) 5 years ago it was a.) because I was far away from my friends and lonely, and b.) because I wanted to really work on being succinct in my writing.  I've avoided twitter because I thought it was too hard to weed out the fountains of trivial information in order to find anything interesting.

 Well, in an effort to explore new ideas, I've decided to use twitter to plant word pictures, short poems and maybe a few bits of beauty among the weeds.  You're welcome to join me!  I'll need help finishing poems and I'd love to spark your own writing and creativity if I can.  My twitter name is musicmomie and if you want to join me in this I'll be using #tweetpoet to tag my posts.  Also, since I'm new to twitter I need to know who to follow and who inspires YOU!
(photo courtesy of my son Zak)

1 comment:

Christy said...

I'm looking forward to some crazy concise poetic tweets.

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